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All life issues can improve

You may have difficulties with: Low self-esteem, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Relationship issues, Shyness, Bereavement and loss, Confidence, or Stress.

You may feel something is wrong but you are not sure what it is.

When something is wrong you may notice you have difficulty with your sleeping or dreaming; changes in your eating habits such as not eating enough or overeating; you may have mood swings

or panic attacks.

You may find yourself bursting into tears, or bursting into anger. Your behaviour may become more risky for your health and safety. Maybe you have withdrawn, and find it hard to talk to people. And maybe you're not be able to concentrate and find your work is affected.


It is often during adolescent years that we struggle the most. We may feel grown up, and even be treated as though we should have full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

In reality this is a time of great confusion and overwhelming pressure to create an identity and know our direction. When we are struggling, we internalise these difficulties and believe there is something wrong with us.


Whether you are supporting someone you love with autism, or are yourself diagnosed or self-diagnosed, you may find it helpful to discuss stresses and strategies for supporting this special way of being in the world. 

If you have a late diagnosis it's likely you'll want to talk about all your new discoveries and how they are affecting your life. 

If you are female, your autism may present itself in very different ways from males, and this can cause confusion and doubt about whether you are neurotypical. If you have learnt to act like others, even you may find it hard to tell the difference between nuero-typicals and yourself.


Move Forward from Traumatic Experiences

We are always in relationship with others, no matter if we push people away or hold them close. Learning how to manage our upsets without spilling them on to those close to us, needs attention. Balancing our individual needs with those around us, is a life-skill.


At certain points in our lives we may find ourselves unable to make important decisions. We can feel overwhelmed with confusion, or empty and stuck. Coaching and support will allow you to access the pathways which are right for you.  

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