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Welcome, my name is Dany DuBois. I am a female psychotherapist, and have been seeing private clients for over 15 years.




If you have difficulties that you have been struggling with for too long, then it is right that you get some help to live a life that is fulfilling, enjoyable and meaningful.

You may not know what exactly is wrong or why, and that's okay. It is the job of your therapist to go on a journey discovery with you, and explore what your experience of life is, and has been.

If you have noticed that you are not coping in a useful way, and maybe feel depressed or anxious, or are worried about your behaviour, then I'd like to help you heal your pain, so you can move into the life you deserve.

Are psychotherapists different from counsellors? 
Psychotherapists have had long and in-depth training which involves studying psychological theories as well as counselling techniques. Psychotherapists should not passively listen, their job is to use their experience, knowledge and life skills to help you make the changes you want. Psychotherapists will not just repeat back to you what you have said or merely sympathise, they will challenge you in an appropriate way to help you move on from feeling stuck and alone.

Who needs therapy?

Clients often worry that their problems are not serious enough to warrant therapy. I believe that everyone should have the chance of exploring their lives in a careful and productive way. Once you feel confident in who you are, and how you are living, it will be clear to us both, and at that point, we will end the therapy. 

How do I do therapy?

Do not worry, this is your therapists job, you can let them take care of the "How?" Your job is simply to turn up to your sessions, and be as curious about yourself as possible. The rest will unfold along the way. No two people are the same, so no two therapies are the same.

How can I speed up the therapeutic process?

If you have been suffering from long term difficulties, it is going to take some time to work through them and heal. However, I also want you to feel good quickly, so I will be doing my part to help you get what you need as soon as possible. The thing that may help you get the most from our work, is to keep notes. You can write down any breakthrough you had in the sessions, but also during the week, if you take some time to note what you think and feel, dream or daydream about, we may find that concentrates our work and focus.

What is existential psychotherapy? 

This is a philosophical approach to psychotherapy. The philosophy holds that it is natural for humans to have dilemmas, emotional and psychological pain. Rather than run away from life's difficulties, if we can stay with our anxieties they actually lose their intensity. Covering up problems only hides them temporarily. 


In this therapy you will be challenged to thoroughly explore and transform the way you see your life, even if this seems impossible right now. You don't need to know anything about psychotherapy or this philosophy in order for it to work for you and for you to make the changes you want. 

What other psychotherapy do you do?

I integrate Gestalt therapy and Internal Family Systems therapy to inform my work. Very briefly, Gestalt therapy rests on the belief that the context or background is as important as  what is at the forefront, so nothing is seen in isolation.

And briefly, Internal Family Systems comes from the idea that we have different parts of within ourselves, and that how these parts act and interact causes both difficulties and solutions.

Thinking Man on Couch

Psychotherapy& Counselling

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unhappy, then face to face (or screen to screen) psychotherapy is the space you need to heal deep upsets that have been following you around.


It is often during adolescent years that we struggle the most. When we are struggling, we internalise these difficulties and believe there is something wrong with us. We may feel anxious, sad, chaotic, lonely, self-critical, and be bombarded by negative thoughts.


We are always in relationships with others, no matter if we push people away or hold them close. Learning how to manage our upsets without spilling them on to those close to us, needs attention. Balancing our individual needs with those around us, is a life-skill.

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